Friday, October 16, 2015

War Hero

When my little feet were searching for lanes,
when my shoulders were carrying school bag
somewhere a part of mine was carrying dreams
of holding a gun and the nation on my shoulders

Offering love and respect to my motherland,
and shells to my enemies,
i was daring my life on white sheets of siachen,
leaving no scope of intrusion

A mother,a sister, a wife, the kids
praying with closed eyes and heavy hearts
while a father flaunting for his brave son
blowing up the chest in pride

regardless of blood and pain,
sons like vikram and kaalia doesn't stop.
morning with knives and the nights with fire
undauntedly they bring the soul out of enemies

how heavily we are outnumbered
or how deeply we are wounded
if death strikes before i prove my blood
'i swear i will kill death'

if i won't come back, tell my father,
his son didn't bow down,
ask my wife to make
my son a war hero
ask my mother not to
shed a tear down on my tricolored body
tell my sister his brother
will come back one day
and tell my motherland..
"a lion i am born so shall i die"

Friday, June 12, 2015

Thursday, June 11, 2015


"I was chanting her name, i mistaken for sacred never did i know it was a sweet poison"

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hey friend of mine

Hey, old friend of mine
Whom are you searching for ?
Tell me ?
Are you ignoring me ?
Or we set apart ?
Tell me!
Remember, when we were kids
We share our lunch
You mother send me jam,
Mine send you homemade pickles
My mother couldn't afford a jam
But you always brought me a lot
Hey are you listening ?
Remember you taught me cycling
And i taught you making earthen pot
So many times did i fall off,
You cleaned my wounds..
Remember we waited in queues
To grab our piece of sacrament,
We danced uninvited in weddings,
We made castle of sand..
Are you listening my friend ?
Speak, speak, speak for god sake
Or i carry my unfortunate fate..

Friday, March 6, 2015

Their journey

Over the rivers,
Along the cornfields,
Across the villages,
he's walking like a dead
tired legs, sun set,
sleeping on the stones
cold breezes, heart pause
morning is so far,
still some life exists
In nooks of his heart,
he's sleeping like,
there is no tomorrow
this night is so long
So long..

Golden rays, cold heat
dark light falling on face,
strange face, helping hand,
waking him up,
dressed in torn white
large hole below her breast,
now standing up,
as the first morning of his life,
Both walking, walking
along the never ending road,
they are walking together
now holding hands,
warmth of her hands,
bringing him to life,
embarking a new journey,
pervasive of love..

Settling down with her
into the woods,
green sky under the blue
Playing with rays
falling on the woods..
She cooks porridge meal,
he works out in the field,
she cooks him love,
he serves the feel,
they sing together all the evening,
make out love at the night,
mornings are blissful
he kisses her and off to field,
when the winds blow,
he runs to home,
wrap her into his arms,
looking into her eyes, so calm..
shelter blown away with winds,
and no life in barren fields,
they held hands again and walked,
again to the endless road,
life is a journey,
they embarked one more..

Monday, March 2, 2015


I am broken into pieces, life has hit me hard this time but i can't stop, i know where my happiness lies and i can even gamble my life for it, they are my dreams.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Dragging in the soft smoke
The body soaks
Is the panacea of life

Feel the ecstasy of Juana,
Let yourself melt down
With the passing time

Don't chide my child
Modicum Juana do no bad
And rinse the enmity

Surrender your senses to the smoke,
Feel the zenith of pleasure
Let Juana dissolve you down

Joint after joint
Let the cannabis burn
And seize your thoughts

On the melody of Juana
Let your freedom dance

Chant bhole, chant bhole
Bum bum bhole
Bum bum bhole

Sunday, January 25, 2015


विनम्र तू, विशाल तू, सह रहा विनाश तू
अस्त्र तू, शस्त्र तू, देता चल प्रमाण तू

लहू ले रहा उबाल है,
समय की पुकार है,
दे परिचय बल का तू,
रण तेरा अधिकार है।

जीत तू, जश्न तू, करता चल ध्वस्त तू
राजा भी तू, प्रजा भी तू, करता चल न्याय भी तू

सागर ले रहा उछाल है,
समय की पुकार है,
भर दे हौसला जगत में तू,
आज़ादी तेरा अधिकार है।


व्यंग जीवन बन गया है तेरा,
देख दर्पण न सुधारे।

बने अहंकार का तू पतीला,
काहे क्रोध विष तू छिलकाए।

रूद्र रुपी दशा
काहू ए रास न आये।

थूक दे विद्रोह प्याला यह ज़हर
प्रेम छलकी पास न आये।

यदि जो गिराए बूँद एक प्रेंम
अमृत भांति विष परुवर्तित हो जाये।

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Night Cry

The world of dancing nude,
for the bucks, killing me words so lewd

touching me all over,
men get so boner

they use me relentlessly,
brutal men sneaks out safely

"i offer you my body, not the soul"

i have my kids
licking the bowl,

can't feed them,
bread a night

how i face my kids tomorrow,
hooker you are yells my sorrow

Monday, November 3, 2014

The colder Sun

Orange feels bitter white
Fainting dark no light

Where lurks the splendid sun
Left the earthy spring undone

Grow me back the grass
I grew, pillow'd my pash

The green craving for light
Bleak shine not so bright

This heteronomy irks my
Exultant run, take me to
Another world where rise
A warmer sun

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


So Autumn was my life and so Gray i had been all the time.Handful days i have, winters to fall so far hurts so bad.

If just had one more day, i would have told you the words i can't break.The times i held your hand,warming up my soul in winter stand, the times we had walk along the road snowy lanes chokin' my throat, the times hiding for the drinks we had, now sitting along the frozen lake , counting my days.

Can't even breathe but this heart still screams, Just once hold my hand let me feel you, breathe you, dissolve you in  my eyes and hold these tears, speak up! just speak up from somewhere, this silence is deafening.Touch me, give me a happy death free me from all the heft.Dear beloved will meet in my springs. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Her pain was my arrival
my tears were her laughter

their desire was my birth
my desire was their love

their face was my beauty
my face was their duty

cherishable was the moment
they kissed my pash , with a
philotimy -e love of honour

their love lead me to
wink-a-peeps , rollin
o'er my cheeks

my wurp makes their day
how i forget the day,
my birthday

-Ashwarya Pratap Singh


सज - संवर कर आयो कन्हैया 
बजाने मुरली के सुर ओ ताल 
साँवला भय तो क्या हुआ 
भाय गोपियों के मन को तू गोपाल 
चोरी छुप्पे खायो माखन 
ओ मेरे नटखट नन्दलाल 

सुनने तेरी मुर्ली को 
आ गिरो वो आकाश 
 निकले सुर जो तेरी बाँसी ते 
जी उठो ये जग -संसार 

लोचन तेरे , मानो सागर 
केश जैसे जगत श्रृंगार 
वाणी तेरी जैसे अमृत 
और हस्त तेरे रचनाकार 

नटखट है तू बड़ो कन्हैया
काहे करे शरारत अपार
छुपा कर वस्त्र गोपियों के
देखे उन्हें जमुना पार 

- Ashwarya pratap singh

Friday, February 8, 2013

Awaited Messenger

through the valleys, o'er the scrow
hofully taking the messages,ye pigeon or a crow?
Whence, comest thou? dost anyone know?
from a desert or snow ?

ye naughty bird i waitin for ye overmany
lookin onuppan the scrow , may we find any
we besought you for early arrival
thy art my fere,i beseech ye for this approval

here ye arrive, o bird! naught for me , i cried
really thou've nary for me , i fell deprived
ye've no whit made the fault, whom for i sing song
may no whit want to hold my hand any long

-  Ashwarya Pratap Singh

Thursday, January 31, 2013


that passing of smiles
that waving hellos
those shying eyes

running out of words
but that desire to talk
loosing the temper when you brush me off
but that deliberate attempts to touch

crying for little things
debating on large issues
waiting for your texts
eager to hear from you

waking up early
so that day starts with your talks
never sleep at nights untill
saying those sweet things to you

staring at your eyes
turning back to look at you
trying to tease you
and burning with jealousy 

that jealousy become anger ,
anger become guilt
guilt become love
that become you

being sorry for the times 
i brought tears to you
short is the life but,
greater are the desires to 
spend it with you

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Four chambers.

Comfortable enough i was
around you to open up

still remembered all the moments
i nodded off in your arms

remembered the times i ,
yakked on and on and on
and the times you put up with them

always the things fall through that you want
and again i let you down

i will keep at the things you desired

nothing i gave you
but a promise,
you are my part
and will always be
in those four chambers
so called heart

i ran out of words
how much i love you dad.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


होकर सवार  इस जीवन रुपी नौका  में ,
कर रहा था इंतज़ार  दुसरे छोर  का ,
भटक कर मार्ग अपनी मंजिल से ,
कोस रहा था उन लहरों को ,
बनी थी काँटा जो मेरे पथ का

रखकर पतवार एक सहारे,
लगा में देखने उस चींटी को,
कर रही थी संघर्ष जो कठोर ,
उठाकर नाज के एक दाने को ,

करके नमन उसके आत्मविश्वास को
फिर थाम  लिया मैंने पतवार
करता रहा संघर्श  में भी , अपनी मंजिल पाने को

Copyright © Ashwarya pratap singh, 2012

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Fake Shine.

Whole the year i waited for christmas,
wished if months got skipped,
but they didn't

December came , i prayed,
may soon start the celebration,
but it didn't

on the eve i slept in the hope that, Santa would come,
but he didn't .

same the day , my dad came,
with some gifts,chocs, and cake

then i realized ,my Santa
was  with me all the time
why i waited for the fake shine.

-- Ashwarya pratap Singh

Monday, December 24, 2012

Black-Dot Scenario.

Screaming with pain,
begging to spare,
calling for help,
but none for her

They relentlessly ruined her life,
she got numbed for a while

she was nearing the end
still god has holded her hand

when her voice,
reached the crowd
we protested out loud
hang the nefarious!
hang the nefarious!

but ignored were our demands,
stubborn we are

we moved forward,
but silent was the house

brutally they beaten us,
witnesses our wounds

 problem isn't solved yet
Black dot scenario ,we call that.

(based on the Damini rape case)

Ashwarya Pratap Singh